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Model Buildings Free Samples

HO Scale model buildings with information about how to build them.

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Static Grass Applicator

How to build your own static grass applicator - CHEAP.

Plus a static grass applicator kit to make it CHEAP AND EASY.

Locomotive Models

Make some of the finest models that one can make using these fantastic plans.

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About 3D design and CAD design services plus recommended people to do design work.

Outsourcing design services via one of the services such as Fivver and Odesk is probably one of the least expensive ways to get your products ready for a 3D printer or mold.

There are two groupings here. The first few are for Sketchup designers and the others are for CAD work.


Sketchup Designers

Sergi Gryb


Julia Lipska Design Studio




CAD Designers bid bid - too busy day job

Nos Too complicated Too complicated no response no response


Mechanical Design Engineer excelling in 2D Drafting, CAD Designing and Analysis on Autocad, Solidworks and Ansys. Quickly pick your ideas/requirements and build model/parts, assemblies and their modification all using International Standards.

Said he was busy for train project now. Wanted to work later.







CAD work but also pdf



Over the last 10 years my experience in Civil engineering, Mechanical and Manufacturing design . I have developed many different types of Auto CAD drawings and Rhino,Solid Woks design for various type in 2D and 3D. My work is to become real the people ideas.

Said will send pdf file as proof of ability.


I am a professional Civil Engineer(structural). More often I work in design process. I have more than 2 years experience in structural designing. I am an independent person, so I allocate time for drafting cad drawings. Client's satisfaction is my first consideration.I'm really open to chat.

Does not understand pdf work for buildings.



I am from Sri lanka. Iam a 2d & 3D designer. Im using Photoshop, Auto cad, Sketch-up for designs. I am enjoying with creations. Hobby also..

Gave him clarification.





I am an Architect and a visual designer with 5 years of experience... got a good sense in designing spaces and maintaining a good profile with clients.... Very keen about perfection & precision in the work i do




A small team of 2 architects and a draftsman.

We design, draw, visualize residential and commercial buildings

We use modern CAD software to satisfy the client

Also, I am good at math, physics, Matlab, Solidworks simulation etc.



Team Diversity are dedicated Architects with immense experience in all parts of architectural and interior design. Our team is highly skilled in visually rich 3D rendered images and has concrete background in preparation of 2D working drawings.