The World Of Rail

Railroad Mugs

Get 20 and 30% discount on sets that you put together.

Model Buildings Free Samples

HO Scale model buildings with information about how to build them.

Click to get a free sample building.

Static Grass Applicator

How to build your own static grass applicator - CHEAP.

Plus a static grass applicator kit to make it CHEAP AND EASY.

Locomotive Models

Make some of the finest models that one can make using these fantastic plans.

Sketchup 3D Warehouse Models Of Note

A collection of fine models found in the 3D warehouse and elsewhere.


Excellent collection of Models in .pdf form.


Marcin Sznieder

An architectural modelers. His personal page is at


Jakup K - These are his models on 3d Warehouse.

3D Warehouse, Virtual Modelers Sport Club Has a facebook page at




A 3d Model Company in Warsaw.


Polish Cities In 3D

Seems assoicated with Geosystem



A 3d modeling firm in UK



A good collection includes rail cars. Comments section.




Good Collection of models with comments section.


Small Town In Germany 1900

Fantastic layout




Tony Wilton

Excellent collection. With comments section.


Street Maker

Very nice models with coments section.



Excellent models with a comments section.


Google Earth Buildings

By Col1. has comments section.




Includes a link to the modeler.


World In 3d.

Offers to make models.



4 nice models but with comments section.


Daniel C

An arhitect with a few interesting models.

His personal page is at


Mrek C

6 models with comments section



A few nice models with comments section.


Zuzzana K

A few nice models with comments section.

Artur D

Large Collection. Lodz related. A comments section.


Damiam L

Has a huge collection of buildings generally Olsztyn related. No contact information.

A good one.



Myroslava Galiuk

An Architect From Ukraine who can do 3d modeling.


Group Of 3d modelers on Upwork

Results on a search page.