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Model Buildings Free Samples

HO Scale model buildings with information about how to build them.

Click to get a free sample building.

Static Grass Applicator

How to build your own static grass applicator - CHEAP.

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Locomotive Models

Make some of the finest models that one can make using these fantastic plans.

Carton Model Graphics Requirement

The description of what is required for carton model projects.

There are approximately 100 models in sketchup format. You can see the first group at Scale Model Buildings Poland and the second at Scale Model Plans

Those models are to be put into .pdf format. The .pdf file is to be scaled 1/87 so that it can be used to print for the construction of cardstock models.

Here are some examples of .pdf files to show what is needed.



Work Task

The building entitled "Town Building Apartments" in Scale Model Plans is to be modified and presented as described below.

Upgrade/modify/change graphics work so that the graphics are high quality. The textures are to be weathered so as to present a prototypical appearance. See the samples above for the essance of what is needed.

If changes to the architecture are required, tell me what must be done.

Unfold and create a .pdf file that can be used to build a model similar to those pictured in this page.

Each building is to be put in pdf format so that the user may print the building as shown and assemble it, and may print windows and doors separately to insert them into the printed building to give it a 3d view.


Take a Sketchup file that makes a building that looks like this:

town building

And make a pdf file that is similar to this in format. glashuette ( Be sure to look at all the other examples above.)

The sketchup file to be used for this building is in You can download it from that page.


Windows And Doors

The images below are examples of windows and doors that can be printed separately to insert them into a printed building to give it a 3d view.

windows bungalow
filed huts glashutte
loitz2 windows 2






Work Requirements
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