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Railroad Mugs

Get 20 and 30% discount on sets that you put together.

Model Buildings Free Samples

HO Scale model buildings with information about how to build them.

Click to get a free sample building.

Static Grass Applicator

How to build your own static grass applicator - CHEAP.

Plus a static grass applicator kit to make it CHEAP AND EASY.

Locomotive Models

Make some of the finest models that one can make using these fantastic plans.

Ion Generator Suppliers

A collection of negative ion generators that generally yield 12kv output or more plus a listing of static grass applicators.

4 to 6 Kv Unit - Used in our shop

Ion Generator Supplier 2

Ion Generator Supplier 3

Ion Generator Supplier 5

Global Sources

Ion Generator Supplier 7 - Sent inquiry - sent inquiry


Static Grass Applicators

Static Grass Applicator Supplier 1

Static Grass Applicator Supplier 2

Static Grass Applicator Supplier 3