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Magicland produces models unique models including replicas of buildings that exist or existed in Greater Europe.

The borders of countries in Europe have changed many times over the past years. Buildings that remain in a given country were often built by people who live within the borders of another country.

We produce replicas of buildings that help portray the historical record of this Greater European Region.

Here is a list of models available and under construction.

The following buildings are being put to model now. There over 200 in various states of planning to be put to model.

Marki Workers' Houses


Potocka 4


Starachowice PKP West Station


Stacja Warszawa Golabki


Powazkowska 80


Warencyka 71


Kiciny 48 House


Kiciny 48 Wood Barn


Kiciny 48 Concrete Block Barn


Kiciny 48 Small Concret Barn


Marki Pilsudskiego 259 Brick Residence


Warsaw Wloscianska 23


Ruda Small Wood Cabin


Malta Maltanka Station


Praga Grochowska 224


Pilsudskiego 256


Pilsudskiego 81




Carriage Shed

Storage Lockers


Warszawa Glowna Dock 1

Warszawa Glowna Dock 2


Browar Herman Jung


Farm Znin

Farm Ruda

Huta Zelaza Pictures of a model of Huta Zelaza. This model is 1/200 and located in the Palace of Culture, Warsaw, Poland. The Museum staff have no information about the model. We will visit the prototype museum and get plans to make a 1/87 model.

Generic Modern Coal Mine - The model of a coal mine that is located in the Palace of Culture, Warsaw, Poland. The Palace Model tower head rises 2.5 meters above ground level. The purpose of the model is to illustrate how a coal mine works.

Coal Mine 2

Coal Mine 3

Sugar Factory

Brick Factory

Stacja Skiernewica

Textile Factory

Military Warehouse A

Military Warehouse B

Plastic Samples


















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