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HO Scale model buildings with information about how to build them.

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Plan Requirements

The general work requirements for phase 1 of the development of the Legacy Models collection of prototype replica models of unique and historic buildings in Poland.

A collection of carton models is being developed.

They will be 3D models. They will be made from templates

Here is an example of some finished models. We will NOT add textures in this phase of product development.

legacy model collection

The models with be patterned after existing buildings. Pictures of those buildings and dimensions will be provided for each plan to be made.

The buildings that are ready to be modeled are listed here. This list is continually updated.

Marki Workers Houses

Potocka 4

Powazkowska 80

Kiciny Barn 1

Kiciny Barn 2

Kiciny Wood Barn Pictures and data to be added

Kiciny Farm House Pictures and data to be added

Pilsudskiego 259

Maltanka Station

Warenczyka 71

Wloscianska 23

Grochowska 224


Each building will be subject to a separate contract.

Generally, for each building:

A 3d model is to be made in sketchup.

All features are to be included as best as possible so the completed model is as near a replica of the original as possible.

Builings will be presented in the model in an as built or renovated condition and not as seen in the prototype. For example, doors and windows will be in new condition, sagging roofs will be leveled, missing or broken items will be replaced or repaired and so on.

Chimneys are very important. Separate modules and elevations may be appropriate for them.

One file is to be full scale.

A second file is then to be made in 1/87 scale.

In some cases a file in 1/25 will also be required.


Note that the images are readable when you click on them to see the larger view.

legacy model collection


2D elevations are to be made.


legacy model collectionlegacy model collection legacy model collection

Wall and feature templates are to be made.


legacy model collectionlegacy model collection


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