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Stacja Warszawa Golabki

A building that was once used as a small station. As of this writing it is used by PKP as a utility shed. Part of it is also rented to the Warsaw Model Club.

The prototype is at Zielonej Gesi 2, Warsaw. The link to it on Google maps is here


Warszawa Bolabki 1 Warszawa Bolabki 2 Warszawa Bolabki 3
Warszawa Bolabki 4 Warszawa Bolabki 5 Warszawa Bolabki 6
Warszawa Bolabki 7 Warszawa Bolabki 8 Warszawa Bolabki 9
Warszawa Bolabki 10 Warszawa Bolabki 11 Warszawa Bolabki 12
Warszawa Bolabki 13 Warszawa Bolabki 14

This building it to be replicated in Sketchup. The match photo feature should be used as much as possible.

The surface features are to be presented. The textures are not.

The dimensions of the covered waiting area are

The dimensions of the front windows are:

The building is meters front to back

The building is wide from to .

If any other details or pictures are needed to properly replicate this building, contact us and tell us exactly what is needed.


The building only is to be replicated. The surrounding fence, trees and other materials are not to be included.



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