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This video shows a model made on an extremely low budget and gives you an example of what can be done to make a model using common materials that you can get at little or no cost.
The model will be used as part of a school workshop program to teach children what can be done if they put their mind to it as well as to teach them some of the history of prewar Warsaw Poland.


The model portrays a brass metal fabrication plant that was inspired by the Norblin manufacturing plant Warsaw Poland. It was a huge plant and today is being for the most part demolished and some of the buildings turned into a museum.

Due to its size and lack of plans I built something that would do the same thing as that metal fabricating plant.

What you see was scratch built from cereal boxes, toothpicks, coffee stirrers, chopsticks, plastic packaging, sandpaper, tinted sawdust, coal from railroad tracks, parsley flakes, wire and sandpaper.

I did have to buy some light bulbs and some tubing as well as the narrow gauge engine and track that serves the plant.

The bushes were made from tinted sawdust, the vines from wire and parsley flakes, the roofs sandpaper, rooftop power lines from coffee stirrers, the light poles from tubing. Chopsticks and toothpicks made the chimneys. And the buildings are recycled cereal boxes with clear plastic from food packages for window glass.

There’s a lot more to do. The overhead wires, to be made from thread, will go in last. Before that I will hand make figures including people and horses, 1930’s era coal and flat cars, some gantry crane operating mechanisms, 4 mm track for interbuilding loading carts, horse drawn carts and carriages, boxes crates and so on.

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