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Narrow Gauge Railroad Cisna Majdan

About the narrow gauge railroad in Bieszczady region at Majden Poland a short distance from Cisna.

Polish Modular Layout H0


Cisna Majdan Diorama

Station Cisna-Majdan lovers narrow track probably well-known and popular even due to the specific, forest climate;) Despite the fact that for the past several years, happened a lot of changes within the station and oblivion gone several objects, I am pleased I made the effort to build model of this beautiful piece of land in the Bieszczady scale 1/87 (H0e).

I became interested in the history of the station years of its heyday, when the work went there in full swing, so this time I will try to play on the track. Course we are talking about the seventies of the twentieth century.

Much time, effort and mileage cost me to get a considerable amount of documentation, which consists of a collection of old photographs, plans and station buildings, and also what is the perfect complement for documents - interviews with former employees. These people, even when she was already age, passionately talking about their work, responding at the same time on countless of my questions. Questions about every detail, after which the station today there is no trace. And although the memory of the old railway workers already deadlock thanks to confront many at one time and place, we managed to get back memories of 40 years ago.

The station model will consist of 420 cm in length. The whole divide into four segments, two of which are at the widest point will have measured 65cm (without the segments away from the bridges). I do not foresee the implementation of any shortcuts or stenosis. The whole divided by 87, simply I move to a model. Track system at that time was a bit different. In my case, the station will be 12 turnouts. But before I will begin construction of the segments, I decided that the first rise buildings, over which there is a lot of work. To make from scratch is a station building, warehouse, depot, drezynownia, gravel pits old carpenter, garage ambulances, four shelters (parts, tools, economic), the magazine of fuel bunkers carbon (a lot like a narrow track), two bridges, the position of the refueling fuels and many other small trinkets, after which the hearing was lost, and are visible on old photographs.

Marcin Turko

The work started on building the station. Today it is already very changed, so help comes mass of photographs, documentation of the facility and its own measurements.

Model building will be made of cardboard, which in a later stage will be imposed elevation of the boards - as in the original.

On the walls of the building will be glued façade made of plywood with a thickness of 1 mm, which is covered, the structure of the formwork. It was difficult to recreate slats that cover joining boards. Their size really is 40mmx20mm, so try to mount separately each of them could not bring the desired effect. With the help of laser came ... In this connection, the machine has done some work for me, I allowed myself to maximum realism - mapping project each slat individually. Not all boards were of equal width, often too crooked, so the slats nailed a / g needs. So it will be in the model.
The next step is to attach plywood to the facade of the station building cardboard blocks. To connect cardboard and plywood I used glue type Wikol, previously a primer for the surface of the carton to the adhesive does not absorb too quickly. This gave the opportunity to the exact arrangement of the formwork. The facade of the building received backing, since the laser burning too influenced in samples of the final result and the color of the paint after drying.
The choice of color with acrylic paints by trial and error. During the May meeting in Cisna-Majdan, to the suspicious glances of some colleagues, I rolled home a piece of the original boards from dismantled the building facade. So KP4 burned one less, and my board was used to fit the color of the paint in the model.
I assumed that the building must be slightly darker than the colors on the board. I go back 41 years back to the time before the sun did his.
The next stage was soldering photoetched windows and doors.
Now, a little more enjoyable activity - furnishing the room accounting, duty, and the waiting room and a small apartment in office.
I added some details in the form of tablets, photoetched gaps, as well as imitation white crown molding.
While I was looking for a way to perform a satisfactory imitation asbestos me, I built two small objects - cellar, which stores fuel, and a wooden shelter behind the locomotive depot.
The bedrooms are decorated, therefore, could "pour ceiling" and make the installation of lighting internal and two external lamps.
After installation of chimneys, founded imitation visible from the outside of the roof truss.
Subject imitation asbestos came back, because I found an interesting way to play the file. Ideal proved to be shallow plastic Auhagen between which squeezed in a vise copper plaque with a thickness of 0.1mm.
The final stage of work was glued to cardboard strips of roof and paint primer.
After installing roof gutters zwaloryzowałem and gently facade of the building. At this stage, they finished their work on the building.l.