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Plans For Kids Specifications

A 3d coloring book of models containing buildings, locomotives and railroad cars that can be assembled without cutting or gluing.

The concept is best illustrated by looking at another company's products.

Faller Basic

lfaller 1faller 2faller 3

We want the files to print products like these but with different designs and some differences in roof and base construction.



Models will snap together and be fastened by tabs.

This MP4 video will give you a good overview

Training Video 1

Tab Design

Here are pictures of snap tabs as used by another company.

This tab design WILL be duplicated.

tabs tabs tabs
tabs tabs tabs
tabs tabs tabs
tabs tabs tabs

The above images show the product type that we want. You will provide the files that will go to the printer.


Graphics should be clean and crisp.

They should be simple. Windows and doors will be colored by children. They must be simple without a lot of detail.

Look at the images of the other company's products to understand the simplicity that we desire.


images added


Files Required

A 3D sketchup model that can be used for marketing and other plan designs.

2D plans that can be put into a book.



Print Requirments

The plans will be printed on .7 mm card stock. The card stock will be put into a book or box.

The models will be scaled 1/50 and plans segmented so that they print on A4 size sheet. To keep printing costs low, sheets will contain as much plan material as possible.


image google


Basic Construction

This image shows the basic construction of the model.

The roof is attached by tabs that are attached to the eaves.




Wall Plan

Walls will have fold tabs at the top and bottom. They will serve to keep the walls from bending.

The bottom fold tabs will have slots to accept snap tabs from the base.

Wall bottom snap tabs will not be used. This will allow the building to be displayed with or without the base.



Base Plan

The base will have snap tabs to insert into the bottom fold tabs for the walls.

These images show a concept. Other solutions will be considered.


base tab base tab base tab
base tab base tab  



Roof Plan

Roofs will be fastened by tabs. Here is a test idea. Other solutions will be considered.

roof 1 roof 1 roof 1
roof 1 roof 1 roof 1
roof 1 . .




End Requirements


The plans should be submitted in the proper file format for a printer to be able to make a die cut plan to be inserted into a book or package.















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Plans For Kids Specifications