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How To Raise Money With Railroad Mugs

How railroad mugs can help you raise money for your organzation, cause or business expansion.

Let's start with gift shops at museums and tourist areas.

These are popular stops for visitors looking for something to bring home. These mugs are unique and it is such a variety that a visitor can buy something different for each person on the list.

Because the mugs are multi-useful they can be displayed by collectors, used every day by the family and enjoyed, mug in hand, by a railroad enthusiasts.

Place one of each of the mugs in a highly visible location.

They are a high quality unique product that get attention and sells well.


Clubs and organizations can ask their members to sell to their friends family and to promote them through their Facebook friends.

It is best that your club or organization have a business page on which these mugs can be offered for sale. Your members can refer people to this page.

Facebook is a powerful medium and you members can ask their Facebook friends to forward information about your cause on to their Facebook friends and so on.

This can be an extremely powerful approach and successful way to raise money.


Selling at fairs, exhibitions, craft shows is a proven moneymaker.

You will find that at these events people are always looking for mugs. And these mugs will satisfy an untouched market niche.


Sell to visitors to your tourist train, bed and breakfast, hotel and anywhere else you can get the close attention of potential customers.

For example, a tourist train might stop at a picnic area before return to the station. The mugs can be offered by people on the coaches as the train travels and they can be offered at the station and picnic area.


People like mugs. Sell mugs anywhere you can and use the money for your cause.